Women’s Team

Chester FC Women 2022/23

First Team Squad List – 

Alisha Wright, Ana Duran, Anna Jones, Ash Bullock, Charlotte Dowell, Charlotte Locke, Ellie Bradley, Emma Gray, Imogen Paul, Jamie-Lee McDowell, Kelly Hollis, Katie Priest (Captain), Kim Sands, Louise Harding, Lauren Quigg, Lucy Adderley, Molly Wood, Rachel Lloyd, Sarah Gill (Player/Coach), Sarah Redman, Sophie Foster. 

Competing in: North West Women’s Regional Football League – Division One – South -Tier 6

Management Team – 

Manager  – Martin Fitzsimons  

Assistant Manager – Sarah Gill (Player/Coach)

Martin Fitzsimons“Since joining the club in 2019, we’ve taken massive strides to where we want to be on and off the pitch! We are consistently challenging the best teams in our league and even the league above. Alongside that, we have some very exciting players coming through our ranks and the structure that has been put in place can only benefit the club! Women’s football is ever evolving and growing and that’s certainly the case here at Chester FC!”

Katie Preist – Club Captain “I signed for Chester back in 2017. My most memorable season was 2018 when we won the league and the cup in the same year! We have been very close to winning the league over the past few seasons and I believe we are going to do it again very soon! This season we smashed our attendance record at the Deva, hitting 240 fans who came out to watch us play. This included my whole family, which was a very special day for me! I’m excited to be leading the team and it’s great to see the talent that is coming through the younger teams.”

Development Team Squad List – 

Alice Hughes, Amelia Lewis, Amy Forster, Charlotte Lewis, Chloe Davis, Ellie Taperell, Ellie Kent, Eleanor Loughlin, Erin Whitehead, Esme Bayliss, Evie Halliwell, Freya Lawton, Izzy Crooks, Jennifer Riley, Kaitlyn Emery, Katie Kelso, Kerry Morris, Rachel Kelly, Savannah Palin, Vienna Doherty.

Competing in: Cheshire Women’s and Youth League – Premier Division 

Management Team – 

Manager – Kalvin Williams    

Assistant Manager – Chris Lewis

Kalvin Williams“Since being involved with the women’s section, it has come on massively, having grown into three successful competitive squads! I’ve been involved with the Chester Women’s set up since 2018 and I also work full-time for the community trust! The women’s game continues to grow massively and that is happening here at Chester!” 

Under 18’s Team Squad List – 

Ciara Lee, Elin Richardson, Erin Parr, Evie Parsons, Freya Williams, Gabriela Pedrak, Georgia Tabiner, Grace Clarke, Grace Pye, Gwen Olson, Harriet Ward, Jessica Malam, Jessie Williams, Katherine French, Kelsey Blackwell, Leah Rooney, Lexie Bordessa, Lucy Cambell, Molly France, Rishona Dykes, Sarah Elliot, Sophie McKellar, Sophie Walton, Sophie Whelan, Tia Bates, Tia Turner.

Competing in: Cheshire Women’s and Youth League – Youth Division 

Management Team – 

Manager – Bryson Kelso  

Assistant Manager – Rob Lawton 

Bryson Kelso “The Under 18’s team has a very talented group of young ladies that will be pushing to get into our development squad. Chester FC has helped me develop my coaching skill set by working closely with the head of the Women’s and girls section, whilst upgrading the facilities available to the girls in the form of the ‘KGV Sports Hub’ which has made a massive difference to all the women’s and girls section. I can’t wait to watch the girls grow, develop and take our club up the pyramid!”

ETC (Emerging Talent Centre) 

The ‘Chester FC Community Trust’ were recently awarded a 3-year Girl’s Emerging Talent Centre licence through the FA’s recent development of their national network within the Women’s game. This is a huge achievement for the club and one that will provide many opportunities for players to be involved more than ever. Any queries regarding the ETC can be sent directly to kalvin.williams@chesterfc.com

Be a part of the journey? 

Whether you are a player, coach or looking for general volunteering opportunities, we are always looking for new people to add their personality and experience to our team! If you want to join our journey, please complete the google form below and a member of our management team will be in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss your interest!


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