Who’s Who at Chester Football Club

Chester City Supporters Society Ltd. are a community benefit society operating under the name of Chester Football Club, and are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The club is fan owned and does not have any major shareholders. The company registration number is 29159R.

Honorary Life President: Barrie Hipkiss

Honorary Life Vice-Presidents: Richard Lynes, Grenville Millington, Dr Marion Needham, Alan Tarbuck


Kieron Shiel (Chair)
Jim Green (Vice-Chair)
Jeff Banks
Matt Dickenson
Mike Day
Charlotte Walker
Nick Phillipson
Oliver Hill
Adam Langan
Mike Vickers
Ian Swettenham
Kate Mylchreest

Secretary to the City Fans United Board: Chris Robson

Football Secretary: football.secretary@chesterfc.com

General Manager: Georgina Slawinski

Communications Manager and Football Administrator: Albert Davies

Treasurer: Matt Dickenson

Manager: Calum McIntyre

Assistant Manager: Colin Woodthorpe

Academy Head Coach: Mike Allcock

Matchday Coordinator: Barrie Hipkiss

Community Trust CEO: Jim Green

Safety Officer: Steve Povey

Deputy Safety Officer: Les Perkins

Groundsman: Mike Barrow

Club Chaplain: Guy Lister

Stadium Announcer: Robbie Clegg

Club Historian and Statistician: Chas Sumner

Safeguarding Officer: Dr Marion Needham

Disability Liaison Officer: Pippa Day