Who’s Who at Chester Football Club

Honorary Life President: Barrie Hipkiss

Honorary Life Vice-Presidents: Richard Lynes, Grenville Millington, Dr Marion Needham, Alan Tarbuck

Directors: Jeff Banks, Paul Bodman, Matt Dickenson, Jim Green (Vice-Chair), Adam Langan, Kate Mylchreest, Alex Owen, Nick Phillipson, Kieron Shiel (Chair), Ian Swettenham, Mike Vickers, Lottie Walker.

Secretary to the City Fans United Board: Chris Robson

Football Secretary: football.secretary@chesterfc.com

General Manager: Georgina Slawinski

Communications Manager and Football Administrator: Albert Davies

Treasurer: Matt Dickenson

Manager: Calum McIntyre

Assistant Manager: Colin Woodthorpe

Academy Head Coach: Mike Allcock

Matchday Coordinator: Barrie Hipkiss

Community Trust CEO: Jim Green

Safety Officer: Steve Povey

Deputy Safety Officer: Les Perkins

Groundsman: Mike Barrow

Club Chaplain: Guy Lister

Stadium Announcer: Robbie Clegg

Club Historian and Statistician: Chas Sumner

Safeguarding Officer: Dr Marion Needham

Disability Liaison Officer: Pippa Day