Club Statement

Chester Football Club has this week issued one individual with a stadium banning order for anti-social behaviour at matches, with two further individuals receiving formal warning letters.

We are hugely proud of our fanbase and the way our supporters behave and represent the club, both at the Deva Stadium and away from home.

However, this season we have been challenged with an increase in anti-social and criminal behaviour from a small number of individuals, whose actions include entering the pitch, throwing missiles and using smoke bombs.

These behaviours damage our reputation as a community club, place Chester FC at risk of disciplinary action and financial penalties, and threaten the safety and security of our fans, which is unacceptable.

The Board of City Fans United has a responsibility to make sure everyone feels safe on matchdays, therefore anyone who commits an offence or breaches the ground regulations, should expect to face sanctions, which can include temporary or lifetime bans, and criminal prosecution.

We have chosen to adopt a consistent, preventative approach, reflecting current guidance from The Football Supporters’ Association, with a focus on engagement and education over immediate club bans, where appropriate.

Since the start of this season, we have issued eight formal warning letters for anti-social behaviour. Regrettably, one of these individuals failed to heed their warning and has now been banned from the Deva Stadium.

We are committed to working with our matchday safety team and the police to overcome these issues, and we reiterate that those who persist in unacceptable conduct that damages Chester FC will not be welcome at our club.

If you witness someone behaving offensively at our matches or see or hear something that concerns you, please report it to the nearest steward.

Thank you for your continued support.