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They’ve got us covered


14:16 20th September 2015

As yet another glorious English summer comes to a close, the grim spectre of inclement weather once again rears its ugly head. Football fans across the land are already digging into the back of their wardrobes to find the thick woolly jumpers, thermal  socks and other such items that will compliment their Bovril on cold match days. For most spectators waterproof clothing is not of great importance as their favoured match day vantage point will offer shelter from the rain.

Things are a little different for the Inclusive Blues. Last seasons relocation of wheelchair viewing areas was greatly received, however it left the Inclusives more exposed to the occasional light showers that we sometimes experience here in the UK. Fear not brave Inclusive Blues, for on the horizon there appeared a knight in shining armour, upon a mighty white steed with broadsword glinting in the Autumnal sunshine.

Having identified a need to protect the Inclusives from the elements Disability Liason Officer Andy Gaston approached Ableworld (UK) Ltd to see if they could assist. When the call came they were not found wanting and immediately offered to assist with the procurement of a number of waterproof ponchos, purpose made to keep both user and wheelchair dry during even the most relentless of downpours.

Laura Day of the Inclusive Blues recently received the ponchos during a presentation held at the Ableworld store in Saltney. The ponchos are now available to all our wheelchair bound spectators on match days.

Special thanks must go to Sarah Hulse (Buying & Merchandising Manager) and Michelle Mossford (Marketing Manager) of Ableworld (UK) Ltd for their assistance in making this happen. It is the generosity of such benefactors that will help us achieve our goals in the future.

Of course our long term goal is to provide a sheltered  wheelchair viewing platform. This is a major undertaking and will take some time and effort to make a reality. In the meantime, if you have a business which may be able to support us in improving the match day experience for the Inclusive Blues please do not hesitate to contact Andy Gaston  - as there are still many projects requiring your assistance